House of Hope                                            Crossville, Tennessee

All in a Day's Work

Meet the staff (below)that keeps everything together.  On an average day, you will find one or all of us available at the House of Hope.  We spend our time preparing for needs of the community. We have a summer program to task, clothing closet and food pantry to man, and spend a lot of time talking to the community and educating people on all subjects concerning children.  Our services reach hundreds of children and families each year.  All our staff is available to law enforcement and DCS 24/7. We are dedicated to all that we do making sure children are loved and safe.  Stay tuned and I'll keep you up to date.

Denise Melton
Hope Smith
Cheryl Derrick

Denise Melton- is the Executive Director for the House of Hope. Denise has been here since 2005 dedicating her knowledge, her service and her love for children on a daily basis.  She assesses the needs of the community and successfully creates and implements programs accordingly. You may contact her any time with questions or thoughts:

Hope Smith- is the Children's Coordinator and facilitates  programs such as the Generation Next Summer Program,Angel Tree. She is an amazing crafter and creator,a great planner of all things  kids.  She is a do-it-all in the office as well!  A lead instructor for teen classes and she has a huge heart for all the children we serve and shows it daily.

Cheryl Derrick-  is the Assistant to the director.  Support for all things that evolve via the director. Coordinates the My Choices My Life and Journey of Hope program for Teens. Also creating communications, graphic design, and art support between the House of Hope, volunteers and the public. Like , oh, let's say...this website. Ideas or comments? Email me!


LuAnn Patterson

Jon Wigington

Vince Peters

Zoe Clark

Our board is passionate for the children of our county.  They spend their spare time in volunteer roles supporting our mission.  They are a wonderful team to work with and we are so fortunate to have such caring people on our board.